Tuesday, December 5, 2006

10 Tips To Workout On A Travel Trip

Since I am taking off to the Kangaroo Land of Australia in 2 weeks, I decided to research for myself (ooh yea.. and you guys) some easy tips to stay ridiculously good looking between the binge drinking and fast food marathons. Just because it is time for you to relax and let loose doesn't mean your tummy should also. Most of my worst weight fluctuations have come after times of travels. This time instead of getting fat, I'm going to come back more ripped, more energized, (and if possible) more good looking, And so should you!!

1. Plan Ahead Of Time - I am a big supporter of gyms. No matter what, the at home bowflex system will do nothing more than collect dust or become a sex bench. Before you hop on that plane or in that car, call ahead and find a gym to work out at. I have a gym pass at 24 hr. fitness and they actually help you find a gym if you travel and have discounted rates.

2. Moderate Yourself - As said in my recent post about being an extremist, you have to find a good middle ground. Understand the fact that you won't be able to get your full work out that you're used to, but also understand that some workout is better than none. Keep it quick, simple, and to the point with a quick warm up run 20-30 minutes worth of weight work out and 20 minutes worth of cardio. Pat yourself on the back and continue relazing

3. Nature vs. Nurture - If there is no readily accesible gym, look for a nearby park or the beach and enjoy the scenary while getting in your workout routine. A good after you wake up jog on the beach or thru a park will let you soak in the scenary without taking away from your precious party time at night.

4. Be Active - Instead of planning a lazy week in the sun, plan a fun filled week full of to-dos that'll require you to get your ass off that lounge chair and kill an animal. Not an animal killer? Fine... go splash in the pool, you get the idea.

5. Be Prepared - Always bring a pair of trunks or bathing suit wherever you go. If you go to Russia, pack some warm workout clothes instead. The clothes will remind you why you lugged a pair of running shoes and shorts 3,000 miles away from home.

6. Eat Out, Eat Healthy - Instead of getting your deli ordered tuna sandwich packed with mayo tell them to go a little easy on it. You can eat healthy without having to sacrifice the fun of eating out.

7. Snack Up - Take 30 minutes out of your trip to find a local grocer (unless you end up traveling to antartica they'll most likely have one). Stock up on healthy snacks. Instead of eating out at expensive restaurants every meal, they'll save you money and time so you can spend the rest of the time petting dolphins or whatever it is that tickles your fancy.

8. Relax And Just Have Fun - Stress brings that ugly chemical we all hate called cortisone into our body. Stress relief gets rid of that. Cortisone has been proven to turn your body into your Uncle Joe, a fat loving pile of lard.

9. Be Safe, Pack Rubber - Rubber resistant bands don't set off airport alarms. They also offer an easy way for you to get a complete body workout without having to pack an ab-roller in your suitcase. You can get one for cheap from your local GNC or even hardware store.

10. Take 5 - Take 5 minutes before you go to plan out a little plan for you to get your workout in. Don't get crazy and plan an elaborate city adventure that has your work out in it. Jot down a quick routine.

Quick Circuit Routine:
Do 5-10 Super Sets (doing all the below in order is 1 super set):

10 push ups
10 sit ups
10 leg lifts
10 resistant band biceps
10 resistnat band triceps
10 leg dips
15 jumping jacks


Then let the party continue!
... Click here for the tips!



Anonymous danp said...

dood i love this fuckin blog. keep it up. keep winning at life.

December 6, 2006 at 3:01:00 AM PST  

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