Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Procrastination Sucks, Wikipedia Rules

Being that I have Superman syndrome and think that I am invincible. I decided to save my 10 page paper (get ready to zone out) on the conflict in Africa known as the Darfur Conflict til last minute. 12 o'clock comes and I haven't looked at my paper. I Google the crap out of the subject and do my best not to plagiarize. It's 6:30 AM and I'm finally finished. I hate keeping AIM on when I do papers. I have hardcore A.D.D. when it comes to AIM and doing computer stuff. I have to wake up in 2 hours to go turn the forsaken paper in. I still win at life but I did it the hard way.

Note to self: procrastination sucks. Darfur is a ridiculous subject to research on, and wikidipedia rules!


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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

10 Tips To Workout On A Travel Trip

Since I am taking off to the Kangaroo Land of Australia in 2 weeks, I decided to research for myself (ooh yea.. and you guys) some easy tips to stay ridiculously good looking between the binge drinking and fast food marathons. Just because it is time for you to relax and let loose doesn't mean your tummy should also. Most of my worst weight fluctuations have come after times of travels. This time instead of getting fat, I'm going to come back more ripped, more energized, (and if possible) more good looking, And so should you!!

1. Plan Ahead Of Time - I am a big supporter of gyms. No matter what, the at home bowflex system will do nothing more than collect dust or become a sex bench. Before you hop on that plane or in that car, call ahead and find a gym to work out at. I have a gym pass at 24 hr. fitness and they actually help you find a gym if you travel and have discounted rates.

2. Moderate Yourself - As said in my recent post about being an extremist, you have to find a good middle ground. Understand the fact that you won't be able to get your full work out that you're used to, but also understand that some workout is better than none. Keep it quick, simple, and to the point with a quick warm up run 20-30 minutes worth of weight work out and 20 minutes worth of cardio. Pat yourself on the back and continue relazing

3. Nature vs. Nurture - If there is no readily accesible gym, look for a nearby park or the beach and enjoy the scenary while getting in your workout routine. A good after you wake up jog on the beach or thru a park will let you soak in the scenary without taking away from your precious party time at night.

4. Be Active - Instead of planning a lazy week in the sun, plan a fun filled week full of to-dos that'll require you to get your ass off that lounge chair and kill an animal. Not an animal killer? Fine... go splash in the pool, you get the idea.

5. Be Prepared - Always bring a pair of trunks or bathing suit wherever you go. If you go to Russia, pack some warm workout clothes instead. The clothes will remind you why you lugged a pair of running shoes and shorts 3,000 miles away from home.

6. Eat Out, Eat Healthy - Instead of getting your deli ordered tuna sandwich packed with mayo tell them to go a little easy on it. You can eat healthy without having to sacrifice the fun of eating out.

7. Snack Up - Take 30 minutes out of your trip to find a local grocer (unless you end up traveling to antartica they'll most likely have one). Stock up on healthy snacks. Instead of eating out at expensive restaurants every meal, they'll save you money and time so you can spend the rest of the time petting dolphins or whatever it is that tickles your fancy.

8. Relax And Just Have Fun - Stress brings that ugly chemical we all hate called cortisone into our body. Stress relief gets rid of that. Cortisone has been proven to turn your body into your Uncle Joe, a fat loving pile of lard.

9. Be Safe, Pack Rubber - Rubber resistant bands don't set off airport alarms. They also offer an easy way for you to get a complete body workout without having to pack an ab-roller in your suitcase. You can get one for cheap from your local GNC or even hardware store.

10. Take 5 - Take 5 minutes before you go to plan out a little plan for you to get your workout in. Don't get crazy and plan an elaborate city adventure that has your work out in it. Jot down a quick routine.

Quick Circuit Routine:
Do 5-10 Super Sets (doing all the below in order is 1 super set):

10 push ups
10 sit ups
10 leg lifts
10 resistant band biceps
10 resistnat band triceps
10 leg dips
15 jumping jacks


Then let the party continue!
... Click here for the tips!


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Monday, December 4, 2006

10 Tips To Pimp Out Yo Pad

Ever wonder why the night goes well, she comes back to your house and decides to call it a night? Pimpin' out is the art of making something that would not even attract a fly, attract women by the hordes. You don't need a degree in interior decorating or be a master of Feng Shui to become a pimp. With these easy tips, you can set the mood right, and let her know what a Rico Suave you are when it comes time to go to your place.

1. Clean Up Your Pad- So you live in a garbage yard? Time to get to cleaning. If your date walks into your house and it looks like World War 3 just erupted in your room, she is going to think the same of your life. Stop sending those poor girls the wrong signal and let them know how well put together you are by at least keeping your place clean. If your living room is a mess, good luck getting her to your bed room!

2. Stop Working Out In Your Room- Rule #1 of Feng Shui is to keep your work at work, and your exercise out of your room. By working out in your room, you bring work heavy vibes into the room. Keep the room mellow, relaxed, and ready for love.

3. Ex Does Not Mark The Spot- As much as you're being a wuss and holding on to past experiences, It's time to move on buddy. Just like the don't talk about your Ex on a date rule, the same applies in your bedroom. Get rid of your Ex memorbilia and trading cards and move on with life!

4. Get Rid Of Those Debbie Downer Vibes- Anything related to bad vibes, negative energy, or just plain stress needs to be removed from your bedroom. The worse thing you could possibly want is a drunk girl who is now getting depressed because of the emo poems you hung on your wall.

5. Get A T.V. For Your Room- As old an cliche at it sounds, a scary movie will always get the touching going. Go as far as setting your living room t.v. to be "broken" whenever is needed. As smooth as you are, a drunk roommate coming home at 2 A.M. will kill any heat you and your date have in that moment.

6. Get A Bed That Says I Am I Lover Not A Wuss Ditch that toy story covered bunk bed. It is time for a real bed. Get at least a full sized bed, preferably a California King. Get a Man's bed with some solid dark colors. The lower the bed, the more fun you can have without having to worry about injury.

7. Bed Placement The where of the bed is just as important as what kind of bed it is. Place the bed in the center of the room. The bedroom is the place for one thing and one thing alone... ok, fine you can sleep in there too. As much as you love playing those life wasting computer MMORPG games, take the focus off of your "oh so cool" computer and put it where it counts.

8. Set The Mood You don't have to risk burning your house down. Head to your local IKEA lighting section and get some ambient lighting for your room. Instead of big workshop flourescent light, think sexy, relaxed, japanese style floor lamp. Just don't over do it and turn your bedroom into a disco dance floor.

9. Paint The Right Picture Sure you might have a retarded coin collection that you think is cool and she came up to look at it. Clarify your intention and get to the point. She is not in your room, on your bed so you can chicken out or send mixed messages. It's time to be straight with her and let your intentions flow. Start off with a I'll massage you and you massage me deal. After that, things will get going on their own.

10. Music, Not Chocolate Is The Way To A Woman's Heart or wherever else you want to go. Invest in a good sound system for your room. I have a 500 watt, dolby 5.1 surround system that can bang out anything from classical music to Led Zepplin. After you get your sound system, take the time to make a cd or playlist that'll have tunes that fit the situation.
...See the Tips Here

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Sunday, December 3, 2006

Kaskade Does It Better Than Ever

Kaskade's New Album "Love Mysterious" is playing on my Ipod non-stop. This house DJ produces some of the most tranquil yet energized tracks. If you need a soundtrack that can help you at anything from kicking back on a bean bag or pumping it hard in the gym, "Love Mysterious" is the album for it. Kaskade who has produced other popular songs such as "Empty Streets" has done it again. He combimes a good ambient flow with smooth vocals. Buy it, bump it, pump it.


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Saturday, December 2, 2006

Improving that old thing called Attraction

The biggest thing I notice when guys talk to chics is that they are trying to be something their not. They have seen dudes with hotass chics who have the girls that they least physically.

I learned every tactic alive to try to make a chic think I was something that I wasn't. And you know worked! Sort of... I did get better results but I noticed 2 things: First, I felt emptier, and Second, my actual close ratio was much lower. Meaning that while I was attracting hotter chics I was actually getting fewer results. Let's face it guys, the more popular you are, the more attractive you are.
But guess what, people are popular for a reason, they're awesome with people, they're charismatic, and they have their shit together. You can't simulate that!

I say it again, you can't fake it. I tried it, it's just like Enron! You're gonna tank eventually.

So what has worked for me

1. Find out what attributes of attractiveness you need to work on and do that. I didn't understand teasing. I didn't understand how you can make fun of people and that's attractive. Here's a little tip to, if you can make fun of yourself while making fun of others that's even more attractive because it shows that you're not taking yourself too seriously.

2. Talk to people with no outcome in mind just talk just to talk and don't take it personally if you fuck up. You've been playing video games with your not getting laid friends. What do u expect to happen? Results don't happen by accident.

3. Give it some time. Cool people didn't become cool overnight (less they're trying to fake it). They became cool over years and maybe even decades. Just have fun with it and think of it as your making up for lost time that you've spent in your head and away from people. I met a super-nerd who went out everynight for years and just by going out, he became cool.

4. Become friends with Randy and myself...just kidding we're dorks so you don't want hang out with us.

PS, lose that judgmentalness too. That kills rapport when ur trying to make someone wrong. The road is smooth, why do you throw rocks before you?

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Friday, December 1, 2006

10 Tips To A Better Date

It doesn't matter if you're the school nerd or the star quarterback. These 10 tips that I have found, tried, and succeeded with will put you on the speed track to having that dating area of your life covered.

1. Be a decision maker. Women love men who lead, not slaves who follow their every command. Next time you're on a first date, don't ask for her opinion on where or when you guys should go. Take the lead and book the place. When it is time to order, ask her ahead of time what she wants and tell the waiter for her.

2. Keep your ex's out of it. You might as well bring a Samurai Sword and commit hara-kiri (Japanese for slicing your suicide) with it.

3. Keep the conversation simple and fun. Try to resist going logical and talking about how yesterday you proved that e=mc2 is wrong.

4. Go to some place that will make sure you guys have fun even if you decide to become a boring bastard.

5. Dress to impress. This is so important. Looks aren't the key factor that women look for in a man, but it is one of them. Do not meet your date looking like you've been sitting at home reading dating tips all day. Go to your local Barnes and Nobles and pick up a style/fashion magazine and see what suits you best.

6. Let go of the outcome. It's not bomb diffusing here guys! If you mess up you aren't going to die. Just go have fun!

7. Be creative. Just like a good advertiser would tell you. You have to stand out somehow. I'm not talking about your awesome Magic The Gathering card collection. Be different but in a cool way. Teach her to hit golf balls into the ocean instead of at the driving range (just make sure it is legal). You get the idea.

8. Avoid politics and religion at all costs. Don't be the hardcore leftist evangelist pushing your views on the poor girl. You might as well talk your way into a grave while you're at it. Keep it simple and fun!

9. Open doors... Ladies First... Let her walk on the inside of the sidewalk... say "excuse me". I don't care what your brother Bubba says while he's overweight, drinking a beer, and eating cheetos on your couch, Chivalry is not dead.

10. Never be afraid of advancing the date, just don't push it. If she wants to go somewhere more quiet, go for it. If she wants to go home, say ok, then come back and read this 10 more times.

Just Have fun, Live the moment, and be calm and confident!

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Thursday, November 30, 2006

10 Tips To Wake Up On Time, Every Time

Having trouble waking up on time? If your boss is on the verge of firing you, or you're about to flunk out of a class for being good at being late, these 10 easy tips should help you get out of the bed on time.

1. Make sure you are getting enough sleep. I don't care if you're Superman. If you try to sleep for only 2 hours each night it just is not going to work. I've tried a couple different sleeping arrangements but the most effective will always fall between 5-8 hours of sleep a night. Remember, sleep is vital for muscle growth, fat loss, overall health, mood, and much more. Get those ZzzzZZZ's just don't over or under do it.

2. Invest in a quality alarm clock that will wake your neighbors up if you had to. If you think you're in control of that internal clock, think again. Get an alarm clock with a nice large display so that you can tell what time it is when it rings.

3. Before you go to sleep make the conscious choice to wake up at "x" time. This way when you get your wet dreams interrupted by your ridiculously loud alarm clock, you will see the time and force yourself to get up.

4. Avoid the Snooze Function of Death. They made the snooze function for one reason and one reason alone. For you to be too lazy to wake up. Never use that function.

5. When your alarm goes off. Wake up and STAY UP!. Do not go crawling back to your bed. Your bed is anchored in your mind as your sleeping haven. The second you place your groggy hand back on that bed you'll fall asleep faster than a Jennifer Lopez movie.

6. Place that alarm clock as far away from you as possible. There is no use placing the alarm clock next to your bed, you might as well unplug it and cuddle with it while you sleep. Put the little sucker in a place where it will still scream at you in the morning, but make you work to shut it up. I preferably like it next to my sink and shower so I can wake up and be there to shower or brush my teeth.

7. Move On! the second you wake up, move on to your next daily habit. Brush your teeth, take a shower, drink some coffee...

8. Turn some music on when you wake up. I'm not talking that little dinky music on your alarm that makes Rap sound like Polka. Jump on the computer and turn on a jam with a beat. Music controls emotions and body rhythms, use this tool to energize you in the morning.

9. Let the light in. The importance of the sun cannot be explained to a mere mortal like you. The sun regulates serotonin levels deciding if you're either happy or like them poor Alaskans, plagued with S.A.D.'s syndrome (depressed). The sun also regulates your circadian cycle (your natural alarm clock) which makes it easier for your grumpy ass to wake up.

10. Try to make your days as fun and non-stressful as possible. It's a lot easier to wake up looking forward to what is ahead of you then to wake up and want to stay in bed to hide from your troubles. Be a man and do what needs to be done!

If worse comes to worse, click the email me button on the top of this page, send me your name, number, and address, and I will personally come down with a club to wake you up (don't ask me what the club is for).
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