Friday, December 1, 2006

10 Tips To A Better Date

It doesn't matter if you're the school nerd or the star quarterback. These 10 tips that I have found, tried, and succeeded with will put you on the speed track to having that dating area of your life covered.

1. Be a decision maker. Women love men who lead, not slaves who follow their every command. Next time you're on a first date, don't ask for her opinion on where or when you guys should go. Take the lead and book the place. When it is time to order, ask her ahead of time what she wants and tell the waiter for her.

2. Keep your ex's out of it. You might as well bring a Samurai Sword and commit hara-kiri (Japanese for slicing your suicide) with it.

3. Keep the conversation simple and fun. Try to resist going logical and talking about how yesterday you proved that e=mc2 is wrong.

4. Go to some place that will make sure you guys have fun even if you decide to become a boring bastard.

5. Dress to impress. This is so important. Looks aren't the key factor that women look for in a man, but it is one of them. Do not meet your date looking like you've been sitting at home reading dating tips all day. Go to your local Barnes and Nobles and pick up a style/fashion magazine and see what suits you best.

6. Let go of the outcome. It's not bomb diffusing here guys! If you mess up you aren't going to die. Just go have fun!

7. Be creative. Just like a good advertiser would tell you. You have to stand out somehow. I'm not talking about your awesome Magic The Gathering card collection. Be different but in a cool way. Teach her to hit golf balls into the ocean instead of at the driving range (just make sure it is legal). You get the idea.

8. Avoid politics and religion at all costs. Don't be the hardcore leftist evangelist pushing your views on the poor girl. You might as well talk your way into a grave while you're at it. Keep it simple and fun!

9. Open doors... Ladies First... Let her walk on the inside of the sidewalk... say "excuse me". I don't care what your brother Bubba says while he's overweight, drinking a beer, and eating cheetos on your couch, Chivalry is not dead.

10. Never be afraid of advancing the date, just don't push it. If she wants to go somewhere more quiet, go for it. If she wants to go home, say ok, then come back and read this 10 more times.

Just Have fun, Live the moment, and be calm and confident!

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