Monday, November 27, 2006

Are you tired of checking your voicemail?

If you're like me, you don't like checking your voicemail. I remember that I would get behind a few days on voicemails, and then I'd have like 20 voicemails to check. Some would be good, some would be not so good. I started to grow a weird fear of checking my voicemail because I knew that there would be a message from my landlord. So what my immediate solution was to disconnect my voicemail. Plus, if you think about it, you can read way faster than you can listen to stuff. Your brain thinks five times faster than the spoken word.

So that leaves a lot of wasted time. This wasn't the best solution, but it worked. At first, I was happy because I didn't have all those voicemails. But other people weren't so happy. When my landlord finally got ahold of me she yelled at me, and I started hearing through the grapevine that she wasn't the only one with problems with my service.

So, I was looking for a solution, and I heard about a company in the UK that was converting voice mail to text, but it wasn't yet available. My good buddy Ben ( is always up on the latest technology as is my buddy Randy ( Well, he just told me a few days ago about a service that does offer voicemail to text, and it is amazing. When he showed it to me, I got really excited. *Note, I have no affiliation with the company and am making no money off this.

Now, here's the cool part, and this is what I am doing. The first month is free, so you can try it out and cancel on the 29th day.

Here's how I have my system setup

1.)Go to for your free trial
2.)Ensure that you set it up to send you alerts to the email that you check the most. *For Treo & Blackberry Users, you can have it sent to your phone.

3.)Enjoy and also, if you want to listen to your voicemail. They send you a wav version of your voice mail too.

So enjoy, get your voicemails transcribed for you for free. Win at life, be merry
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