Friday, November 24, 2006

Have No Fear, Life's Purpose Is Here

If you feel a lack of motivation in your life or just need a quick boost in your current motivation this spastic rambling is for you. We all find ourselves in different spots of our lives with each coming day. It is good to take some time every now and then to evaluate where you've been, where you are, and where you're going.

I was doing my daily round of post readings and I came across a post with a very good topic about it. The post was written by Steve Pavlina and was title "how to discover your life's purpose in about 20 minutes". In a nutshell, Steve talks about discovery of one's life purpose mainly by doing an exercise for about 20 minutes. The exercise was just okay but the article got me thinking about my own goals and where I wanted to go. The interesting question taht it provoked is, are my goals my own? or have they been implanted into me from societal conditioning of school, religion, and other various influences. I got interested and gave the exercise a try. I have yet to find my purpose with the exercise but it got me back to thinking about goals. Are my goals solid ones? Are they my own? How far have I come to reaching them?

I have a journal that i used to keep that I wrote all of my goals in. I flipped thru it and I saw that a lot of the goals that I have written down I have achieved. Create good relationships with friends and family, generate wealth, expand myself on a daily basis, staty as healthy as possible. This is where I came to a choice... Do I pat myself on the back for acheiving what I wanted or do I sit here and feel purposeless... After thinking about it. I decided to do what I do best. Love where I am at in my life and strive to be betteer with each coming day.

The next week I am going to work on goals and setting new ones that will challenge me but without setting too far that I won't be able to reach them and feel bad. Here are some simple tips I learned about goal setting through my experiences.

Set goals that challenge! - don't give into the temptation to set easy goals just so that you can reach them. Push yourself to become a better person with each coming day.

Sky is the limit but to climb Mount Everest you need to do it one rock at a time... - I used to set goals that were my end goals. Instead of looking at the big picture of my goal, I wanted to jump from step A to step Z. Don't fall into this mistake. Take it one step at a time. Instead of focusing on "I want to get rich" focus on the next step that will take you from where you are at to eventually get you to that goal. The journey is always the best part!

Write your goals down - although you might have super memory, writing your goals down keeps them not only on file, but subconciously in your head. Open up a new word document or take out a piece of paper. Write down your goals and put them in a place you can see often. This will remind you to take the right paths when they come.

Find out how to measure your progress and keep track from time to time. When a body builder work's out, he keeps track of body fat and muscle growth from week to week. With whatever your goal applies to, find out a fun and creative way to keep track of your progress.

Grind Away - with most of my goals it is always darkest before light comes. From my past experiences, it is always that last few steps in your goal that make the difference between failure or success. Good work ethic and persistance will always lead to success.

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