Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Length Does Matter: A Workout Length Primer

Tired of spending your whole day in the gym? Here is some good news for you. Your weight training workouts should never last for more than 45 minutes to an hour. The optimal workout length falls somewhere around the 45-50 minute range. Workouts that last for longer than an hour put a lot of strain on your nervous and endocrine system. Specifically your growth hormone and testosterone levels will decrease while your cortisone (that stuff that makes your body hold on to fat and lose muscle instead.

Keeping your length around that time period also ensures that you get the best work out possible while not taking important time from your busy life. A good drill and game to play with your workouut partner or yourself is to try to beat your last workout's time. Keep decreasing until you get to a point where you feel the workout working and you're not wasting your whole day.

Next time someone trys to tell you that size doesn't matter. Whip it out (this post)and show them that it really does.



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