Monday, November 20, 2006

Track That Fat, Lose That Ass

After years of experimenting with different forms of diets, weight loss programs, and basically everything that has ever been printed on paper or put on a cd (I'll post on that some other day) I have come down to one conclusion. There is one habit that if taken into account will guarantee success and on-going success with trimming off that fat and keeping it low. The good news is, this habit only takes about 2 minutes a week.

This habit comes down to one minor thing... Tracking your body fat. Everyone who begins the journey of diets always comes in with one mindset. They want to cut off X amount of pounds so that they can look good and feel better. I know this because I was there just a few years ago. Now this mindset in and of itself is flawed. First of all it takes into account only one detail. WEIGHT LOSS!.. Weight loss accounts for nothing. It does not take into account how much body fat and lean muscle mass that an individual has. All it takes into account is how much that scale says. This flaw can be exemplified by one analogy.

Would you rather be 6'2" Bubba the line backer who is 25% body fat weighing in at 230 pounds or would you rather be 6'2" Ken the star quarterback who is 9% body fat but also weighing in at 230 pounds. Although at first both of them seem the same. They are the same height and the same weight. The only difference is that Bubba looks like a walking blob and Ken looks like a Da Vinci sculpture got up and walked away. It comes down to one thing, and one thing alone: BODY COMPOSITION.

So next time before you make your New Years resolution of losing 10 pounds to fit into the pants that you can't wear anymore. Ask yourself one question, would you rather be a fat light weight or a fitter version of yourself? Body Fat is less dense then its cousin muscle. Body fat will fill in the gaps between muscles giving you a round puffy look. Muscle on the other hand makes you look fit and compact. Staying the same weight but lowering body fat % can lower your waist line by unbelievable amounts.

Stick to this one thought and measure yourself once per week under the same conditions. If you measure yourself after a shower Monday morning then do that for the rest of your life. If you measure yourself first thing when you wake up naked then measure yourself first thing when you wake up naked same time every week. This will keep consistency.

Lastly, never stop weighing yourself. The thought process behind this is everytime i look back on my charts and photos of my roller coaster rides of fat loss. Everytime my results would go south from me either getting lazy and not eating healthy or just not working out in general, I would stop measuring myself. This action is kind of like the heroin addict that won't admit he's addicted. He'll keep shooting up until one day he's too deep in the rabbit hole to look back. Keeping track of your body composition will slap you in the face with a frying pan every Monday you wake up. After you get slapped enough times, you're going to want to get up and do something about it.

Yesterday I posted a post with an excel sheet that will do all the math for you. Simple plug, chug, save, and be fit for the rest of your life. I'm at my perfect body composition now but I still weigh myself every Monday morning and I haven't had a fallback since.

It's getting pretty late and i have to be up in 4 hours. Tomorrow I will right a post on how exactly you should go about measuring yourself and how to optimally use the excel sheet that i have posted yesterday.

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