Tuesday, November 14, 2006

How To Win At Life Without Wasting Your Life

You don't have to be as smart as Einstein to win at life. And unlike your little brother who yells "I win at life!" when he beats you at Madden 2007, you can have a life also!

Here are some basic tips on time management to get the best out of those hours that you are awake:
Research has consistently shown that the most productive part of a person's day is the last hour that they have at work. Sound too familiar? As humans it is in our genetics to be procrastinators. The monkeys did it, your parents did it and guess what my wait to the last minute friend... you do it too! The quick answer to this problem is Time Blocking. If you tried to read the above link http://www.focusontime.com/ and got as confused as i did here is time blocking in a short applicable nutshell. Your day consists of a mere 24 hours. In that time you have to fit in sleep, work, school, the gym, meals, daily necessities, and of course... reading this blog. If you take into account down time from traveling to and from destinations and just flat out being lazy, not even a 48 hour day would be enough. This is where time blocking comes in.
Break your day into pieces. Use useful tools such as a Microsoft Outlook's calendar program or just a paper planner will do. When you look at your list of things to do it is going to look mighty big. Break them down and assign times, deadlines, and set appointments with yourself. You are the mediator in this so it is your job to kick your own butt if you look at your list for the day and the only thing that you have accomplished was wake up. (or you can shout me an email and i will march down there and kick your butt for you!!).

If you have a PDA, Smart Phone, or Blackberry make your dog jealous by using your opposable and the built in calendar to time block your day. Don't have money for expensive things like these Smart-Ass Phones for a calendar on the go? No worries!! Google and Yahoo! offer an excellent FREE calendar/planner service that will synchronize streamlessly with your Microsoft Outlook to make sure all of your dates are correct. Click the above links or go to http://calendar.yahoo.com/ or http://calendar.google.com/ to access the pages.

Taking 5 minutes before you go to sleep to time block will free up hours in your day from downtime and procrastination. Today I showed you the why? and tools for using time blocking. Tomorrow I will post part 2 of the series with a step by step how to:
My time block for posting is up and now it is time for more winning at life. ...Read More!



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