Tuesday, November 14, 2006

How To Stay in Shape with No Work

We all know what to do, but what happens when you're short on time. Well, here is a top 5 list of things to do to stay in shape without working hard or working out!

  1. Keep Liquids in Your Body. We sometimes eat when we're thirsty SO stay hydrated to avoid this trap. Drink Vitamin Water, Teas, Water, whatever, but keep liquids in your body. And drink liquid before you eat your meals because I see people who eat when really they're just dehydrated. Also, avoid fruit juices with lots of sugars as they will make you fat!
  2. Do some physical activity each day. This can be anything -- from taking the stairs instead of the elevator, to walking to a store rather than driving, but do one physical activity per day. Personally, I go on a 20 minute walk each day. Getting laid does count too!
  3. Have a salad with as many meals as possible. Green, leafy salads help eliminate toxins from the body so that you don't crave junk-food as much. This will also help fill you up so that you don't turn to as many Grains.
  4. Get Away from Grains! Processed carbs make you fat in a heartbeat. They feed grains to pigs to fatten them up. Do you think they act differently in the human body?! People eat these to help fill themselves up, thing is that grains aren't as good for you as we once thought. So watch your grains to watch your waistline.
  5. Have a junk meal! We started eating junk food when we were like two years old when we had a our first birthday cake, and why stop now?! The only thing is that we need to moderate ourselves. No one likes that word BUT here's how you do it. Once a week have a junk meal where you eat what you have been craving for that week. Afterwards it's back to business!



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