Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Never Ending Journey to Win At Life

I could go into the usual blog introduction and give you the coming of age story of my life, but i won't. I'm here to share with you guys my personality of over achievement (My Bloginality is ESTJ!!!). Am I someone who is ultra successful and has won at life? NO... but i am currently winning at life. This blog will detail you my thoughts, tips, tools, and even questions (I am no Expert) on how to win at life. Now you're probably asking yourself: How does he know if he wins at life or not? Good question! it all comes down to progress charts. Basically I will take the basic Anthony Robbins view on the three parts of life: Health (fitness, overall health etc.), Wealth (career, savings, investments, finance, etc.), and Relationships (family, friends, significant others etc.). Now you're probably asking yourself: what is considered "winning" is it a scale of 1-10? is it a 5 star rating? Well my fellow champion of life that is all up to you to decide. For some it is an easy answer: I want this much money, this hot of a wife, and to be 7% body fat weighing 150 lbs. For others it might be: As long as I am progressing (getting in my workouts, actively dating, trying my best at my job) I will be happy.


lets just hope that you don't have a personality type of a chicken.



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