Monday, November 13, 2006


Today is the unofficial launch of How To Win At Life's official blog. This will most likely be the biggest accomplishment of your life up to this point (unless your name is Spider-Man, then you automatically win at life). The fact that you have found this blog alone has made you a candidate to win at life. The only question is ARE YOU MAN (or WOMAN) enough? If your answer is no please click this link to waste your life away now if you are like myself 5 years ago, sick of wasting your life away broke, playing video games, and just losing at life in general, please read on!

This blog (if you cannot already tell) is based upon winning at life. When we say life, we mean every single aspect of life. We will cover everything from fashion to health and wealth and even to.... (drum roll) dating and relationship tips.

As of now the blog will be split into 5 categories which we will try to update as much as possible. The five categories are:

General - This category is for general announcements just like the one you are reading. It is also here for us to bitch slap those who aren't winning in life and also my favorite: the haters (go lose at solitaire by yourself and come back when you're ready to win)

Health - Health tips, tools, and the occasional health boot camp schedule where i will be your host from hell

Wealth - We're rich and guess what you can be too! How to increase your income and further your career, or how to jump start a brand new one!

Relationships - Got a Wife? Got a Girlfriend? Got a F@!% Buddy? Want one? or if you're out there for the occasion one night stand our no hassle, no haggles, no bull $h!t (ohh no it still spells feces) tips.

And last but not least, the element that puts them all together, bundles them up and prepares them for the public... STYLE

Style - Are you a dork? Are you cool? Are you a champ? I bet you are!! but keeping that baby blanket on your bed as a grown man is not going to get you anywhere in life

Now would be the perfect time for me to introduce myself and the other writer and list our accomplishments in life. Instead I will write you tons of quality material for you to fall in love with. Then we might tell you who we are (if you're lucky).

Let the winning begin!



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