Sunday, November 19, 2006

Want Wolverine-Like Healing Powers? Drink Wheatgrass!

You can stop being jealous of Wolverine's manliness and super healing powers (maybe just the powers). Wheatgrass has been shown to have regenerative powers and an ability to increase your immune system. Countless studies on wheatgrass show that just a 1-2 Oz. shot of wheatgrass a day will keep you big, healty, and give you more energy than a 4-pack of Red Bulls. The chlorophyll in wheatgrass serves as an alkalizer to undo the acidicness of all of those drinks at the bar with your best-friend's sister (ooops it slipped...). Studies have also shown that a single shot of wheatgrass has more vitamins then all the vegetables in your fridge combined (this part I still doubt a little). Before you go join the X-Men, check out this article on wheatgrass here. <source>



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