Sunday, November 26, 2006

Wake Up, Don't Eat, Work Out and Win!

No this is not an article about starving yourself throughout the day, it's an article about using your starvation from sleep to boost your cardio efficiency by 300%. So ready to wake up, take life by the hand and whip it into shape? That's the attitude! And if you're anything like me, morning means 12 noon. Time to change that! Today I'm writing about waking up early and getting that morning cardio in. It's a little hard to preach about this because I don't practice this yet...(I'll show you my no faith reader...) I am changing my daily schedule to implement this, read on and you will see why your non-morning ass should also!

I could go into the scientific jargon on why you should do this, which I will.. but I'd rather start off with what benefits you will see immediately just by implementing this. I notice that no matter what time I sleep, I wake up at 11am. I can go to sleep at 7am and wake up at 11am or go to sleep at midnight and still wake up at that time. That is obviously over sleeping, or just poor sleeping habits. By the time I wake up, half of my day has already gone by. Getting my (or your) lazy butt out of bed at 6-8am (or whenever as long as you have time before you go to work/school or just sit in front of the t.v.) will fix one of the biggest problems that I have. I will now have bought myself an extra 3-5 effective hours in my day. I'm sorry if I don't considering going to the bar with the boys effective hours, neither is sitting in front of this computer reading my blog all day.. go live life!.

The second benefit you and I will both have is that we will get the most pain staking or out of the way thing in our lives... out of the way, early. Getting the cardio in first thing in the morning will ensure that we get it done no matter what. The same way that we brush our teeth should be the same way that we do cardio (not with a toothbrush dork, i meant consistency). Our days should consist of, wake up, brush teeth, change to gym clothes and go do cardio (wherever you choose, i just do it at the gym so that i can watch prison break on my IPOD video, more on that at a later time) I personally like to keep my cardio around the 30 minute mark, no more no less. With our morning cardio out of the way, we can continue on with our daily duties feeling good that we got it done. Also, we can't deep fry a Turkey for Thanksgiving, eat the whole thing, and blame missing cardio because we're full and don't want to cramp (sorry to push my life on to yours but too bad!)

Those two benefits alone should have you on the edge of your seat like me ready to start the day off right tomorrow. If not, you suck and here are the boring medical reasons on why doing cardio in the morning in a fasted state is not only good for you but a must (no I'm not drawing you a diagram you logical weirdo).

1. It all comes down to efficiency ratios baby! Doing cardio in a fasted state is arguably the most efficient way to burn that fat off (apparently some people at Stanford have too much time on their hands and like to prove things wrong, apparently their next research is to prove gravity does not exist... JK.) The reason behind this is that when you're in a fasted (meaning you have not eaten anything all night) state your body has already burnt off all of your calories from food. Thus from doing cardio you will burn strictly calories from fat opposed to doing cardio mid day after you eat when you first have to burn off calories from your last meal before you can burn calories from fat.

2. After an over night fast your glycogen levels will be lower which means that your body will burn more fat.

3. Early morning cardio wakes you up better than a cup of coffee and will set your circadian rhythms better than laying butt naked in the sun at 6am in the morning. This means that by doing this habitually you and I will in theory be more energized when going into work.

4. After you do cardio in the morning your metabolism will spike giving putting your body into high gear. If you do cardio in the evening or at night you cannot take advantage of your super human metabolism.

5. You will be less inclined to be A.D.D. and skip your cardio work out because something more fun comes along.

6. The last and most important reason is to just do it because I said so. So send me them emails on your experiences and I'll post them for your fellow winners.

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