Saturday, December 2, 2006

Improving that old thing called Attraction

The biggest thing I notice when guys talk to chics is that they are trying to be something their not. They have seen dudes with hotass chics who have the girls that they least physically.

I learned every tactic alive to try to make a chic think I was something that I wasn't. And you know worked! Sort of... I did get better results but I noticed 2 things: First, I felt emptier, and Second, my actual close ratio was much lower. Meaning that while I was attracting hotter chics I was actually getting fewer results. Let's face it guys, the more popular you are, the more attractive you are.
But guess what, people are popular for a reason, they're awesome with people, they're charismatic, and they have their shit together. You can't simulate that!

I say it again, you can't fake it. I tried it, it's just like Enron! You're gonna tank eventually.

So what has worked for me

1. Find out what attributes of attractiveness you need to work on and do that. I didn't understand teasing. I didn't understand how you can make fun of people and that's attractive. Here's a little tip to, if you can make fun of yourself while making fun of others that's even more attractive because it shows that you're not taking yourself too seriously.

2. Talk to people with no outcome in mind just talk just to talk and don't take it personally if you fuck up. You've been playing video games with your not getting laid friends. What do u expect to happen? Results don't happen by accident.

3. Give it some time. Cool people didn't become cool overnight (less they're trying to fake it). They became cool over years and maybe even decades. Just have fun with it and think of it as your making up for lost time that you've spent in your head and away from people. I met a super-nerd who went out everynight for years and just by going out, he became cool.

4. Become friends with Randy and myself...just kidding we're dorks so you don't want hang out with us.

PS, lose that judgmentalness too. That kills rapport when ur trying to make someone wrong. The road is smooth, why do you throw rocks before you?

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